Quality crafted memorials stand the test of time. They tell a story, and provide a focal point for honoring the deceased. At Menifee Valley Cemetery we offer a full line of memorial products. Select a simple granite marker, an elaborately sculpted monument or anything in between. We'll help you find the right memorial to permanently acknowledge the unique life of your loved one.


Choose from a large selection of attractive upright monuments, all skillfully crafted from the finest natural materials. Our monuments come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs.

Markers and Other Memorial Items

Markers and other memorials designate a physical place where current and future generations can go to pay their respects. We can help you choose from sculpted memorials, granite markers, garden markers, memorial benches, tree plaques and more. Many one-of-a-kind designs are available.

Burial Vaults

p.merch.vaults.jpgTwo of the options we offer-ground burial and below ground inurnment of cremated remains-may require an outer container to protect the casket or urn from the elements. We will work with you to choose an appropriate burial vault, as needed.